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HPREC - High Protein Recipe Pack
10 High Protein Recipes to Help Women Boost Their Health and Fitness

The High Protein Recipe Pack is a product that offers a high-converting offer with low refund rates, as well as two upsells, including a 30-course. It’s a great opportunity for women in the health and wellness industry to promote and sell to their audience.

Dietary Supplements
The Ultimate Guide to Managing Blood Sugar with GlucoTrust

GlucoTrust is a blood sugar supplement that has become popular among affiliates, with an average order value of $150 and an earning per click of $5. The supplement is often advertised using a Hollywood-style video sales letter.

CORTEXI - Cortexi - Hearing, Tinnitus, Brain, Memory
Dietary Supplements
How Cortexi Can Help Improve Your Brain Health and Memory

Cortexi is a new product in the market that targets hearing, tinnitus, brain, and memory problems. It is created by a team that has brought numerous top 10 winners before, making it a new potential leader in this niche. Get ahead by promoting the product before everyone else does.

QUIETPLUS - Quietum Plus - Top Tinnitus Offer, Now Even Better
Dietary Supplements

Quietum Plus is a highly effective solution for tinnitus. The product is back and better than ever, with a cart value of 700 and top affiliates earning 6 figures per day. It works well with emailing and native advertising.

CLICKW - Click Wealth System - 2023 Biz Opp Offer - 1.95EPC For Cold Traffic
Unlocking the Secrets to Making $250 per Sale with Click Wealth System

The Click Wealth System is a top converting offer that appeals to personal development, internet marketing, make money online, and health traffic. With the potential to make up to $250 per sale and a $9 trip wire front end, it’s a lucrative opportunity for those interested in affiliate marketing.