Maximize Your Running Potential with Essential Strength and Injury Rehab Programs

Essential Programmes for Marathon Runners is a collection of strength, injury rehab, and performance programmes designed by Coach James Dunne to help runners improve their performance. The Glute Kickstart P is one of the essential programmes included in the collection.

Maximize Your Running Potential with Essential Strength and Injury Rehab Programs


Running can be a fulfilling physical activity, but it can also be punishing. With the repetitive nature of the sport, runners often face injuries that can derail their training schedule. However, with the right strength and injury rehab programs, marathon runners can maximize their potential and stay injury-free. In this article, we will take a closer look at Coach James Dunne’s essential programs for marathon runners.

Glute Kickstart Program

As the largest muscle in the body, the glutes play a crucial role in running mechanics. However, many runners neglect their gluteal muscles leading to compensatory injuries such as hamstring strains, IT band syndrome and even lower back pain. Coach Dunne’s Glute Kickstart program is designed to activate and strengthen the glutes. The program focuses on exercises such as squats, lunges, deadlifts and bridges to help runners develop a powerful stride and optimal running form.

Core Strength Program

The core is often referred to as the body’s powerhouse. A strong core can improve running efficiency by providing stability, better posture and reducing excessive motion. Coach Dunne’s Core Strength program uses dynamic exercises such as planks, side planks and bird dogs to help marathon runners develop a strong foundation. A strong core can also help reduce the risk of injuries such as stress fractures, IT band syndrome and shin splints.

Injury Rehab Program

Unfortunately, runners can suffer from a wide array of injuries due to overuse. From Achilles tendonitis to plantar fasciitis, these injuries can cause severe discomfort and sideline marathon runners. Rest and recovery are crucial, but the right injury rehab program can speed up the healing process. Coach Dunne’s Injury Rehab program is designed to provide exercises that promote recovery and prevent future injuries. The program focuses on stretching, strengthening and foam rolling to target specific muscle groups and joints.

Performance Program

The ultimate goal of any training program is to improve performance. Coach Dunne’s Performance program is designed to help marathon runners increase their speed and endurance. The program includes specific exercises such as plyometrics and interval training to help runners build stamina and improve their VO2 max. The program also includes strength training to help improve running economy and develop neuromuscular efficiency.


Marathon runners can maximize their potential and stay healthy by incorporating essential strength and injury rehab programs into their training regimen. Coach James Dunne’s programs are designed to help runners build strength, improve performance, and prevent injuries. With these essential programs, marathon runners can run pain-free and achieve their running goals.


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