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SEPTIFIX - SEPTIFIX - The #1 Septic Tank Treatment in US - Huge Niche & $$!
Conservation & Efficiency

SEPTIFIX is the leading septic tank treatment in the US and offers a huge niche and earning potential for affiliates with over $100 per sale. It is highly recommended for those who have previously promoted other related products such as Easy Power Plan, Backyard Revolution, Power Efficiency Guide, Ground Power Generator, and DIY Solar Power.

CHRLIV - Infinite Energy System - Mammoth Green Energy Offer !
Alternative Energy
Going Green with Mammoth Green Energy Offer: Everything You Need to Know

Infinite Energy System – Mammoth Green Energy Offer is a hot new product with high EPCs and crazy high conversions, offering unique angles and a cutting-edge approach to the green energy market. Affiliates can earn up to 90% commissions, making this a lucrative opportunity for those looking to promote green energy products.

WISEAFF15 - The Ultimate Energizer - Insane EPCs & Conversions !
Alternative Energy
The Ultimate Energizer: Your Key to Sustainable Energy?

The Ultimate Energizer, a high-converting product with an optimized upsell funnel, offers up to 90% commissions on front and back-end sales. The fresh VSL and new affiliate area make it an attractive choice for affiliates looking to maximize their earnings.

SOLARSW - Sizzling Offer: Solar Switch - Kills On Dead Traffic. 10%+Cvr,2+EPC
Alternative Energy
How to Turn Dead Traffic into Profit with Solar Switch: A Comprehensive Guide

Sizzling Offer’s Solar Switch is a new video guide that helps customers build a smart solar tower, which quickly turns dead traffic into sales. The product boasts a conversion rate of 10% and above, as well as an earnings per click rate of 2 or higher. Its affiliate resources can be found at the provided link.

DISHSYS - DIY Dish System - Hot New Gren Energy Offer
Alternative Energy
DIY Dish System: The Simple Solution for Green Energy at Home

DIY Dish System is a high converting green energy product that works on solar and can power up your home and garden. It is a winning offer with a huge EPC that provides a sustainable and cost-effective energy solution.

FREEPOW - Free Power Secrets - Crazy CR (13%) On Energy/Survival/Political Lists
Alternative Energy
Unlock the Secrets to Free Energy: How to Make Your Own Fuel

Free Power Secrets is a unique product that offers customers the ability to make their own fuel. With a top-notch VSL and high upsell rates, affiliates are reporting a 70% conversion rate. The product offers one-click upsells and has a low refund rate of only 4.7%.

CONTHOME - Shipping Container Home Made Easy ~ 12.4% Conv ~ 100 First Sale Bonus
Conservation & Efficiency
10 Surprising Benefits of Living in a Shipping Container Home

Shipping Container Home Made Easy is a new, innovative product in a niche market with plenty of potential, offering a unique and affordable alternative to traditional housing options. With zero competition and cheap traffic, it’s an opportunity worth exploring.